How to Generate Leads Through Inbound Marketing

Have you ever been approach to do lead generation for your business Lead generation is not a bad thing. There are many companies who find huge success in buying leads from lead gen internet marketers. However, its important to recognize that buying leads is different then building your brand online. Doing content marketing online is like building an organic system of referrals for your business. The key to quality lead generation is to work with an inbound Marketing agency that can take you beyond your SEO journey.

generate leads with inbound marketing

lead generation

You know how it works. If you do enough business with the right customers they’ll be your organic team of sales people that will provide you with more high quality leads and frankly quality over quantity always wins. Recently, I was discussing this problem with a Lawyer who said he was tired of receiving crummy leads from his lead gen company. Sure, they had tons of leads but they were taking up too much staff time just trying to get them to a place where enough would convert to make it worth their time leads not closing into sales.

If you’re thinking of increasing your monthly lead volume through a lead aggregation provider then there’s a few things you should consider.

Are you the only company receiving the leads Exclusivity is important If you’re not the only one receiving those leads then you’re going to call a bunch of frustrated people. The classic example is someone who is looking for a service who fills out an online form and then gets bombarded by 10 companies looking to provide them services do you really want your brand attached to this Make sure you’re the only one getting those leads.

Have a trained call center These wont be your typical high quality leads you get from organic sources. So, be ready to deal with a little bit of push back from people. Make sure you nail down your scripts and figure out right away how to keep peoples attention so you can lead them down the sales funnel.

One of the biggest things you need to consider is the type of seattle web design firm you’re going to hire. Be sure to take every facet of “lead generation” into account before you make a choice to hire a firm. If you do hire someone that is not “trustworthy” you’re going to constantly struggle with generating ROI.

Utilize a nurturing campaign for all leads These people may not all be ready to buy now. You need to have a nurturing campaign ready to go so that you can keep in touch with prospective leads to draw them further down the funnel.

Buying leads is tough. One warning Id pose to you regarding organic vs. buying leads is to consider whether the financial investment into buying leads is worth it compared to building your own brand organically online. Imagine if you created your own brand lead generation system instead of buying from someone else through SEO. To learn more about inbound marketing visit Seattle Web Design.

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